Sonya The Merfox

This merfox has a knack for being the best in the sea.

Sonya The Merfox is a fan character created by TheCoolWikiDude.

Bio Edit

Sonya is a blue and green merfox (mermaid fox) with a red and cream colored seashell bra and a pink mermaid tail. She also has a blue and green tail. She loves being the best under the ocean. Her love interest is Russell. She is also best friends with Seastar The Merskunk, Melinda The Merskunk, Trina The Mersquirrel, and Gloria The Mersquirrel.

Trivia Edit

  • She is the HTF Fanon Stories counterpart of Coral The Merfox as both love Russell and sing really good.
    • Unlike Coral, Sonya doesn't have the ability to change into a normal fox.
  • She is the very first mermaid character that TheCoolWikiDude created by using an original image.
  • She acts like Giggles, making her a Giggles-sue.
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