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This good pirate loves to fish and enjoy sailing on his boat!

Russell is one of the canon Happy Tree Friends characters.


Russell is a turquoise sea otter with typical pirate accessories such as a jolly roger hat, a striped red/white shirt, a hook, an eyepatch and two wooden peglegs. He enjoys fishing, sailing and eating seafood. He'll sometimes go insane in violent and scary situation or gets annoyed big time and slash stuff with his hook. He also likes kite-flying and even runs his own fast-food restaurant (Mime To Five). His hook started off on his left hand, but was later moved to the right hand for the rest of the series. Russell's initial design depicted him with a five o'clock shadow; in his early appearances he appeared with it, however, the creators eventually scrapped it. He never regained his five o'clock shadow since Get Whale Soon.


  • It's been hinted in the episode In a Jam that Russell lost his eye and wears the eye patch over it (which is the reason Cuddles got his part in the band). However, in Sea of Love when an angler fish rips Russell's face off, Russell's right eye socket is shown to be empty.
  • In Off the Hook and Sea of Love Russell does not need an underwater suit for oxygen, but in Sea What I Found. he wears a suit while searching for treasure. This could be because in Sea of Love and Off the Hook he was only underwater for about a minute while in Sea What I Found he was underwater longer, possibly indicating he only has short-term breathing abilities underwater or that he was in a deep area with a lot of pressure. Lifty and Shifty survived the area fine, however.
  • He has dated Giggles a few times while he is in love with Sonya The Merfox. 
  • In the episode Sea What I Found, when Russell woke up and went to his closet to change his peg-legs, it can be seen that his legs are partially amputated when he simply hops from his old pegs to his new set of pegs. He is the first character to wear shorts. He is also the third character without visible ears, as seen in his internet shorts introduction when he took his hat off for a few seconds, and in Something Fishy. Russell wears a stripy undershirt when he goes to sleep. He lives in a big pirate ship-shaped tree-house and sleeps on a hammock.