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"This fatherly bear teaches us how to put the "inability" back in "responsibility."

Pop is one of the canon Happy Tree Friends characters. He is Cub's father.


Pop is a light brown bear with a red beret. He is set as a stereotypically clueless, bathrobe wearing, pipe smoking, 1950s style sitcom father. His son Cub often dies as a result of both his attention and inattention. He is not very bright and when he tries to save his son, He often kills him and sometimes himself, too. He has a wife who is Cub's mother but she doesn't appear in the series.


  • He evens smokes when he is in bed.
  • His brother is a redneck named Uncle Fuzzy.
  • His name is an informal variation of the word "father", usually not very polite.
  • Apparently, Pop owns a 1940's style Woody Wagon, as is seen in And the Kitchen Sink.
  • Pop rarely interacts with female characters. The only times he does are with Petunia in Read 'em and Weepand possibly Class Act (as they are holding hands) and Giggles in Every Litter Bit Hurts.
  • Pop can be seen without his hat in Havin' A BallChip Off the Ol' BlockIpso FatsoAs You WishAw, Shucks!Read 'em and WeepClause For Concern and his BBQ Smoochie .
  • The only episodes where Pop appears without his smoking pipe are From Hero to Eternity Doggone ItAs You WishMime to FiveGems the BreaksA Vicious CycleSomething FishyClause For ConcernA Handy NannyBottled Up InsideA Sucker for Love Part 1,A Sucker for Love Part 2Just DesertClass ActHello DollyHappy New Year, and Milk Pong.
  • Pop was originally going to be called Poppy.
  • Despite the fact that he rarely dies, his survival rate in season four is very low considering how he appears in five episodes and dies in three of them.
  • Judging by the Halloween episode Read 'em and Weep, Pop is a cheapskate, as he's seen unwittingly buying the Necronomicon from the cent symbol box, which results in Cub being possessed by The Demon.