PePe 3 courstey of xXPinkKittyPrincesXx

"He is the most friendliest porcupine wearing a diaper."

PePe is a fan character created by TheCoolWikiDude in the HTF Fanon stories universe.

Bio Edit

PePe is Flaky's older brother who has the same colors as her. He wears adult diapers. Originally, they were normal slip ons but starting in episode 5 of the 4th Season of HTF Hawaiian Style they were redesigned to have Velcro tabs so PePe can fasten and re fasten them. In the first season and the first episode of season 2 of Happy Tree Friends: Hawaiian Style, he only wore his diaper however in the 2nd episode of the season, he began to wear a denim blue vest to look more casual. He is scared just like his sister Flaky. He used to have incontinence as whenever something scares him, he would pee himself hence the reason why he wears a diaper. Starting in the 6th episode of season 3, he is cured of his incontinence however he still wears his adult diapers just in case of an accident. Now whenever something scares him, he does a face palm though occassionaly he still pees his diaper whenever scared or just for fun. His personality also changes as he becomes normal. He likes to lend a helping hand to others. He likes kick boxing and taekwondo and TaeBo. He also likes other sports including surfing, motocross and volleyball.

Trivia Edit

  • He is the eldest of Flaky's siblings making Flaky the baby of the family.
  • His adult diaper size is L-XL and his diapers are super absorbent.
  • PePe bedroom is full of Buddhist Monkey merchandise including action figures, handheld games, bed sheets, a Buddhist Monkey video game and a plush doll of Buddhist Monkey.
  • PePe is a Flaky-sue as he is scared just like his sister.
  • Puff (Hawaiian Style) is his very best friend.
  • He likes kids, especially Cub who likes to climb into PePe's adult diaper to make PePe laugh in joy.
  • His name is a pun on Pee Pee.
  • He normally pees his diaper but sometimes PePe poops his diaper whenever his tummy rumbles and doesn't make it to the bathroom in time or forgets to go.
  • PePe likes to play Atari 2600 Video Games.
  • PePe is TheCoolWikiDude's favorite character out of all his original characters.
  • PePe wears nighttime adult diapers to bed just in case.


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