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HappyTreeFriendsFanonStories Wiki

Welcome to The Happy Tree Friends Fanon Stories Wiki[]

This is a companion to The HTF Fanon Wiki & Cute Happy Tree Friends World. Share your Happy Tree Friends Fanon Stories here. All HTF Fanon Characters & Cute Happy Tree Friends World characters are welcome.

HTF Fanon Stories[]

This wiki features fanon HTF stories. No fan version of real HTF episodes are allowed. This wiki has no restrictions so that means anything goes. This wiki will feature all the canon Happy Tree Friends characters and our favorite fanon characters from the HTF Fanon wiki and Cute Happy Tree Friends World. Remember this is a fan site not the official HTF Wiki.

Restriction Free Zone[]

Remember that this wiki is a restriction free zone. Any content with diapers, fetish and other toilet humor is allowed. Anything goes here on this wiki and that is a fact.

Meet Some Of The Tree Friends In Diapers[]