Gloria The Mersquirrel

"Make friends with this beautiful mersquirrel and she will play a lovely tune on her harp!"

Gloria The Mersquirrel is a fan character created by TheCoolWikiDude for the HTF Fanon Stories universe.

Bio Edit

Gloria is a light green mersquirrel (mermaid squirrel) with white stripes, a purple tummy, a squirrel tail and a pink mermaid tail. She wears a gray shell bra. She is a Giggles-sue because she wears a bow on her head like Giggles and her mermaid tail is pink like Giggles' fur. She is good friends with Sonya the Merfox, Seastar The Merskunk, Trina The Mersquirrel and Melinda The Merskunk as they play in the seas of Happy Tree Town. She loves to explore the deep blue sea and play some music.

Trivia Edit

  • She carries a harp with her everywhere she goes. The harp is the same color as her mermaid tail.
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