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"This funky bear has soul to spare! Always groovin' it's trouble when he's movin'. "

Disco Bear is one of the canon Happy Tree Friends characters.


Disco Bear is a golden bear with 1970s style clothes and an afro. He likes disco dancing and girls. When someone gets hurt, he mistakes their movements of pain for dance moves. His catchphrase is "Oh Yeeeeeaaaaaah!" in a deep voice though he screams in a high pitched voice.


  • He knows over 100 dance moves.
  • He is a fan of Michael Jackson.
  • He is depicted as one of the wealthiest characters.
  • He also has a whole wardrobe, including a pair of blue leopard-pattern long-sleeved two-piece pajamas, some red and white workout clothes, a brown skiing outfit, and a leopard-pattern speedo.
  • Disco Bear seems to have his own theme song.
  • Disco Bear is the only main character who lacks a reoccurring goof with his design.
  • The only female character he has yet to flirt with is Lammy.
  • According to the "Collect Them All" section in the First Blood DVD, Disco Bear was the Frisbee champion of 1972.
  • Giggles appears in every episode that Disco Bear survives in.
  • Disco Bear starred in a short video called Disco Bears All. It is a short film about Disco Bear selling videos about how to get the ladies to like you. Warren Graff has stated that the video is fake, despite it having the exact same animation technique and having the Mondo Mini Shows title card at the opening.
  • He is similar to Cartoon Network's "Johnny Bravo" because they both seem fairly wealthy; both of them are egocentric and proud of themselves; they hit on females frequently, but almost never succeed in getting with them and usually end up injured; and both of them have a very long and perfect hair (though their hairstyles are very different), which they take very seriously when it comes to looking good. He is also similar to Brock in the "Pokemon" anime for similar reasons.
  • Disco Bear is rivals with Raccoon Techno.