Cuddles Z (2)

"This adorable bunny rabbit is so darned cute you'll just want to squeeze him with all your heart."

Cuddles is a yellow rabbit who is dangerously mischievous and self centered, which often leads to both his death and other characters' deaths. On the other hand, he is mostly friendly and caring, making his personality more complex than the others. Sometimes he can be mischievous, like in A to Zoo. He is often depicted as being best friends with Toothy and is usually seen in a romantic relationship with Giggles.


  • He may like the color pink, as he has pink bunny slippers, has pink cheeks, and his girlfriend in a few episodes is Giggles (who has pink fur).
  • The Collect Them All section of the First Blood DVD reveals that Cuddles has a Master's Degree in karate.
  • Cuddles' appearance is similar to the Nickelodeon character Spongebob, since both are yellow, have pink-red cheeks and big teeth, they also have similar personality, since both are very happy and friendly and dedicated to what they like, apart from their innocence. They both are smiling most of the time.
  • He also may resemble Pikachu from Pokémon. Back when the first episode of Happy Tree Friends premiered (late 1999), Pokémon was incredibly popular.
  • Most of the time, Cuddles keeps his bunny slippers on, but in the episodes Happy Trails Pt. 1 and Home Is Where the Hurt Is, Cuddles' slippers are seen off of his feet after his deaths. There is even a goof in The Carpal Tunnel of Love where Cuddles' slippers are completely missing from his feet at one moment.
  • According to the Pop Corn video version of Spin Fun Knowin' Ya in the First Blood DVD, Cuddles starred in the Ninja movie series "Paws of Fury". This is a parody of the Bruce Lee movie Fist of Fury, the joke being that Cuddles is a rabbit.
  • Cuddles is the most advertised character of HTF in real life while in the show, Splendid is most advertised character.
  • Even though Shifty was created first, Cuddles is the mascot of Happy Tree Friends.
  • In the arcade game Crazy Disco, he is seen wearing a bikini, even though he is a male character. In the updated version of the game, Disco Inferno, he is only wearing his normal bunny slippers. This was done by Cartoon Star and not Mondo.
  • Cuddles currently has the most deaths of any canon character in the series.
  • Cuddles is similar to Kenny McCormick in South Park on Comedy Central as both die a lot.


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