Bad Leroy Brown

"He's badder than Old King Kong & he's meaner than a junkyard dog!"

Bad Leroy Brown is a character created by TheCoolWikiDude for the HTF Fanon Stories Universe.

Bio Edit

Bad Leroy Brown is an evil red skunk with gray stripes and flipped out eyes.He wears a black cape with a dark orange necklace. He is known for causing evil all over Happy Tree Town and tries his best to destroy Splendid. He has a very stinky skunk spray to stun anyone who messes with him or to just give off a very nasty stink sometimes.

Trivia Edit

  • Bad Leroy Brown is named after the song of the same name which was famously performed by Jim Croce.
  • He was created as the HTF Fanon Stories counterpart of Devious. He shares the same personality and goals as Devious.
  • He is based on Voltar of The League of Super Evil.
  • Bad Leroy Brown is the toughest adversary for Splendid.


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